Patient Information: Unicameral Bone Cyst (UBC) or Simple Bone Cyst (SBC)

Unicameral Bone Cyst (UBC) or Simple Bone Cyst (SBC) constitutes 3 % of all bone tumours.
  • Common in the first two decades, boys are more affected than girls.
  • Proposed theories include
  • Increased intra-venous pressure leading to collection of interstitial fluid in bone
  • Intra-osseous synovial cyst
  • Failure of metaphyseal ossification
  • Cyst near the growth plate or physis are most active and have a risk of recurrence and can cause growth disturbance.

Cyst that Require treatment
  • Progressive increase in size with risk of fracture
  • Cyst in Proximal Femur or any weight bearing area causing pain
  • Pathological fracture

Treatment Modalities
  • Observation
  • Streroid Injection
  • Bone Marrow Injection
  • Currettage
  • Currettage with Bone Grafting (BG)
  • Use of Bone Substitutes
  • Use of Metallic Implant in cyst cavity, Currettage with Bone Substitutes.

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About Bone Cyst

Bone Cyst is a curable condition. Spontaneous resolution after a fracture is known. Success rate with Intra-Lesional Steriod and Bone Marrow is about 80%. Currettage, bone grafting and intra-lesional rodding with titanium implants or screws have over 90 % success rate in curing the lesion.